Silvus Technologies Launches New Website

The newly redesigned website for Silvus Technologies went live this week, completing an effort by the wireless technology company to showcase the real-world radio communications challenges solved by their high-throughput wireless connectivity solutions. The website features use cases and specifications for their signature StreamCaster™ Radio series, addressing difficult communications scenarios common to tactical teams in urban, remote, highly-mobile, high-scatter and at-sea environments.

Broadcasters Eye A BAS Reboot

The time is right for a BAS overhaul. Old spectrum is getting new tools with private LTE and mesh networking as engineers and vendors create ways to achieve the same flexibility and two-way connectivity that bonded cell affords within BAS. Above, Silvus Technologies’ StreamCaster radio gives bi-directional IP connectivity for camcorders. Here it’s being used for the New Year’s Eve live webcast from Times Square in New York.