With StreamLC, you can bring Push-to-Talk (PTT) capability to any Android® or Windows® device connected to your StreamCaster MANET Network. Additionally, StreamLC extends PTT functions wirelessly for covert operations, provides PTT capability to multiple operators throughout a headquarters facility, or remotes PTT capability around the world via Internet/VPN access.


Push-to-Talk Software for Windows and Android Devices

Bringing Push-to-Talk to Your Fingertips—Anywhere

StreamLC can equip budget concise municipal agencies with PTT capabilities that interoperate with existing StreamCaster networks or enables rapid deployment emergency services activities. StreamLC adds a whole new dimension of PTT connectivity and capabilities that truly augment the power of Silvus MANET voice and data networking.

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  • Single button PTT activation for one or many talk-groups
  • Supports hundreds of multicast talk-groups
  • Emergency priority override across StreamCaster MANET networks
  • Creates and operates hybrid networks (StreamCaster MANET, LTE wireless, and Internet)
  • Quick talk-group setup and easy distribution to operators
  • Software licenses are re-usable across similar devices
  • Laptop using StreamLC software
  • Mobile phone using StreamLC software
  • Tablet using StreamLC software