Spectrum Dominance

Achieve RF Spectrum Overmatch
in any Operational Environment

As a software licensable extension to the Silvus MN-MIMO waveform, Spectrum Dominance is an expansive suite of Low Probability of Intercept/Low Probability of Detection (LPI/LPD) and Anti-Jamming resiliency capabilities that enable secure and protected communications without sacrificing performance. Together, they enable StreamCaster MANET radios to thrive in congested and contested environments, empowering their operators with tactical communications solutions to achieve their mission objectives even under electronic attack.

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MANET Power Control

An LPD feature, MAN-PC minimizes the RF footprint of Silvus StreamCaster MANET radios – dynamically throttling power to the minimum amount necessary to maintain network connectivity.

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MANET Protected Waveform

When MAN-PW is enabled, the MN-MIMO waveform is hardened for increased resiliency. For additional CUI information, contact your Silvus Sales Representative.

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MANET Interference Cancellation

Silvus StreamCaster MANET radios automatically perform real-time interference monitoring. At the onset of jamming, they employ sophisticated spatial signal processing techniques to nullify the offending interfering signal.

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MANET Interference Avoidance

Silvus StreamCaster MANET radios automatically scan and monitor the RF spectrum for interference across multiple user-defined channels. At the onset of jamming, the entire network moves to the cleanest frequency without user intervention.

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Silvus Spectrum Dominance LPI/LPD and Anti-Jamming resiliency capabilities deliver communications superiority and decision dominance at the tactical edge.


Next Generation LPI/LPD and Anti-Jamming Capabilities


Achieve RF Spectrum Overmatch in Any Operational Environment


Achieving Spectrum Dominance Overcoming Tactical Communications Network Challenges in Contested Environments


Communications Network Challenges In Congested & Contested Environments


Spectrum Dominance:
Behind the Scenes -
Protection without
Sacrificing Performance


Silvus StreamCaster MANET radios, Integrated Radio and Antenna solutions, and cutting-edge MN-MIMO waveform with Spectrum Dominance features have been adopted by leading Defense, Law Enforcement and Public Service agencies.

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U.S. Army


Integrated Tactical Network

Broadband Wireless Comms at the Tactical Edge – Command Posts at Battalion and Brigade Echelons

  • High Bandwidth Networking – Ground Forces, On-the-Move & Aerial Tier Units
  • Connecting Infantry & Stryker Brigade Combat Teams
  • Advancing Expeditionary Capabilities – Increasing Mobility for Maneuver

Silvus Products

Silvus Products

StreamCaster 4200

Silvus Enables U.S. Army's Integrated Tactical Network with Spectrum Dominance

StreamCaster 4400

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Networking On-the-Move

Mobile Communications System for Marine Air-Ground Task Force

  • Joint Light Tactical (JLTV) and Amphibious Combat Vehicle (ACV)
  • Protected and EW resilient communications architecture
  • Connect & Network Dispersed Vehicles, Airborne Assets and Dismounted Units

Silvus Products

Silvus Products

StreamCaster 4400

USMC Selects Silvus MANET Radios with Spectrum Dominance for NOTM
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U.S. Army


Next Generation Combat Vehicle: Remote Combat Vehicle

Protected Comms for Manned-Unmanned Teaming (MUM-T)

  • C2 & Comms in Congested & Contested Environments
  • Ground & Aerial Unmanned Systems, Loitering Munitions & Air Launched Effects
  • High Bandwidth, Low Latency Communications at Stand-off Range

Silvus Products

Silvus Products

StreamCaster 4400

Silvus Supports Phase 2 of U.S. Army’s NGCV program with Spectrum Dominance

No Mission Is Too Tough

Silvus StreamCaster MANET radios provide mission-critical tactical communications & connectivity across multi-domain operations

  • Dismounted Forces
  • On-the-Move Units
  • At-the-Halt Command Center
  • Maritime Communications
  • Loitering Munitions
  • Unmanned Ground Vehicles
  • Airborne ISR
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

The battlefield is becoming faster; it is becoming more lethal; and it is becoming more distributed. Overmatch will belong to the side that can make better decisions faster. We are transforming to provide the Joint Force with the Speed, Range and Convergence of cutting-edge technologies to gain the Decision Dominance and Overmatch we will need to win the next fight.

GEN. James C. McConville
Chief of Staff of the Army

The ability to rapidly communicate and share data is … what the future calls for. What we’re looking at is a more resilient, more reliable network that we can provide in that environment, in a contested environment, for our operators that are going to be on the ground utilizing that capability.

Major General Jeth B. Ray
Director, U.S. Army Network Cross-Functional Team

It’s been said that the difference between a good decision and a bad decision in the past has maybe been seconds or minutes – in the future battlespace, it’s going to be milliseconds.

Major General Robert M. Collins
US Army’s Program Executive Officer, Command, Control and Communication – Tactical (PEO C3T)

At NetModX, we will identify different aerial tier technologies using ITN capabilities by assessing communications performance, detectability, and resiliency in the face of electronic attack, with and without the use of directional antennas. Our goal is to identify anti-jam capabilities that increase range, reduce latency and increase capacity and scalability.

Dr. James Tucker Swindell II
Chief, RF Communications Division, Research & Technology Integration Directorate, DEVCOM C5ISR Center

*The appearance of U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) quotes do not imply DoD endorsement


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