Military radio communication as dependable as the teams who rely on it.

Legacy single antenna radio systems are no longer adequate when it comes to meeting the requirements of modern military operations. Military radio communication now demands more range, data throughput and robustness than ever before. With deep roots in advanced US Military research, Silvus Technologies understands the high-stakes demands placed on today’s military operations. We have leveraged this expertise to develop the world’s first MIMO radio optimized for tactical applications. Our current line of StreamCaster radios improves the capacity, range and reliability of data and high bandwidth video transmission, achieving never-before-seen performance in the difficult conditions that impact every mission.

Unmatched reliability

  • Increase your line-of-sight (LOS) range
  • Improve your reliability in non-line-of-site (NLOS) environments and multipath-rich locations typical of urban or mountainous areas
  • Connect reliably under highly mobile in-air or on-ground conditions
  • Achieve higher throughput rates

Robust features

  • AES128/256 encryption
  • IP67 construction
  • Single frequency Mobile Ad Hoc Networking (MANET)
  • High data throughput rates
  • Radios combine to form single frequency network
  • Your choice of licensed network: 400MHz to 6 GHz

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No mission is too tough.

Silvus StreamCaster radios provide mission-critical communication across the entire spectrum of military radio communication needs.

  • Inter-vehicle communications
  • Dismounted operations
  • Perimeter security

Tactical Dismount Solutions Brochure

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  • Sophisticated Technology for High Intensity Training

    Discover how Silvus MN-MIMO technology supports the U.S Army’s efforts to create a realistic combat environment for high-risk live-fire training.


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