Maritime communication systems that thrive where other signals can’t

For legacy radio systems, multipath (RF reflections from water or metal structures) create signal interference and wreak havoc on the ability to communicate reliably. Silvus StreamCaster radios, however, use MIMO signal processing to harness this mulipath energy, enabling high bandwidth communication below-deck, between vessels, back to shore, and everywhere in-between.


Unified Network Communications For Multi-Domain Operations

Covering the entire range of maritime communication needs

  • Boarding parties
  • Below-deck networking
  • Ship to ship communications
  • Ship to air communications
  • Ship to shore communications
  • Meshed connectivity between multiple platforms
  • Manned/unmanned teaming

High-caliber features that solve maritime communication challenges

  • Mesh/relay capability
  • Portable models with detachable battery
  • High power models for long haul communications
  • Push-to-talk voice
  • Variety of body-worn antennas, cameras, headsets, and accessories
  • Pushing the Limits of High-Speed On-Water Communications

    See how the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory utilized Silvus radios to advance the capabilities of collaborative autonomous USVs.


Not only do we build superior technology, we help you get the most from it. Out-of-the-box functionality. Ongoing support. Relentless research and development. Contact our sales team to discover how we’re leading the MIMO revolution.

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