Highly regarded as the world’s leading developer of advanced MIMO communication systems for tactical applications.

In 2004, Silvus was founded with a mission to be at the forefront of bringing the revolutionary benefits of MIMO communication technology to the transmission of high fidelity video, voice and data in harsh conditions. Silvus assembled a team of scientists and engineers to pursue US Government-funded R&D opportunities that address severe multipath, Non-Line-of-Sight (NLOS) propagation, interference, high mobility and spectrum congestion. As of today, Silvus has successfully executed on more than $56M in contracts.

In 2011, Silvus leveraged this MIMO communication expertise to develop a commercial product line, which is today known as the StreamCaster family of MANET radios. Ever since, Silvus has demonstrated a very aggressive product development cycle, with a focus on continually improving the size, weight, power, and cost–while simultaneously introducing next-generation features and capabilities.

Today, Silvus continues to innovate, with an ever-growing lineup of R&D contracts, COTS products, and happy customers. The experience gained through our early research efforts made possible the first generation of StreamCaster radios, and new concepts currently incubating in our R&D labs will pave the way for tomorrow’s product breakthroughs.

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The world’s most powerful and portable tactical MIMO radios.

StreamCaster radios from Silvus Technologies deliver the throughput, range and reliability demanded by military, law enforcement and broadcast teams who can’t risk communications failure.


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