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Today’s digital Coded Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (COFDM) video transmission systems have proven to be a reliable alternative to yesterday’s analog Frequency Modulation (FM) systems. However, traditional COFDM systems are designed to transmit video and audio in only one direction. Any operations requiring a return channel for PTZ camera control or intercom audio would require separate wireless links to handle the signals.

With the recent proliferation of cellular communications, WiFi and network connected cameras, teams tasked with security and safety have found simplicity in the setup and operation of IP video surveillance equipment. Wherever you have a network connection, you can collect or view video in real time.

However, COTS IP transmission solutions come with limitations. WiFi is limited in range, performs poorly outdoors, and is prone to interference. 3G and 4G modems have inadequate upload speeds, recurring monthly usage fees, and cannot be relied upon during large public gatherings such as sports events, parades, or times of crisis.

Using proprietary MN-MIMO technology, Silvus tactical mesh radios provide law enforcement with the performance of COFDM and the ease and flexibility of IP, all within a private and secure network.

When accurate snap judgments are a part of every operation, your teams must be able to share critical video and data that helps your teams operate more quickly, safely and systematically. Silvus StreamCaster radios provide the vital link between all your assets, from in-building, to command post, to mission aircraft, to HQ, and everywhere in-between.


Next-generation tactical mesh radios for operations in complex environments where communications can’t afford to fail.

  • Event security
  • Perimeter surveillance
  • Covert/concealed surveillance
  • SWAT/ quick reaction teams
  • Inter-vehicle networking
  • Air-to-ground
  • Backhaul



  • Increase your line-of-sight range
  • Improve your reliability in non-line-of-sight and multipath-rich environments (ex. urban and mountain areas)
  • Improve in-building penetration
  • Connect more reliably in mobile conditions (ground and air)


  • AES128/256 encryption
  • IP67 construction
  • Single frequency Mobile Ad Hoc Networking (MANET)
  • High data throughput rates
  • Radios combine to form single frequency network
  • Your choice of licensed or unlicensed frequency bands from 400MHz to 6GHz, including Federal S/C bands in a single radio without need for hardware change
  • Citywide Mesh Network Demo in San Diego

    Discover how StreamCaster radios provide a citywide blanket of wireless video and data connectivity that can release tactical teams from the communications limitations that accompany WiFi.

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