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Cutting-edge technology development is the cornerstone of Silvus’ business. Silvus engineers are constantly working to solve pressing communications problems for US government research organizations such as DARPA, Office of Naval Research, U.S. Army, NSF, Navy and Air Force–as well as commercial companies. From this unrelenting innovation springs a continual pipeline of funding for our research staff to develop new MIMO breakthroughs that continue to shape the trajectory of wireless communications.

Our propriety MN-MIMO technology emerges from our world-class R&D team and their deep experience in mesh networking and MIMO techniques. The Silvus R&D team continues to execute on complex programs and provide real-world solutions by developing and delivering computer software, simulation capabilities, FPGA implementations, integrated circuits, hardware prototyping and operationally relevant field testing to our customers.

The rewards of innovation

Discover how our R&D programs have led to MIMO research breakthroughs.

LSNRS Phase II OUSD R&E February 2024 Low SWaP Networked RF Sensors
LSNRS Phase I OUSD R&E June 2023 Low SWaP Networked RF Sensors
Spectranetix CMOSS/MN MIMO Spectranetix/CACI/Army 8/22/22 Silvus/Spectranetix collaboration to demonstrate operation of MN-MIMO radios on Spectranetix CMOSS hardware.
Filtering by Aliasing Spectrum Sensing Technology (FASST Chips) Army Contracting Command 4/2/21 Development of Filtering by Aliasing Spectrum Sensor Technology chips and technology to support Electronic Intelligence Technical Support and Hardware.
Resilient Networked Distributed Mosaic Communications (RN DMC) DARPA 3/16/21 Distributed beamforming/beamnulling solution to enable resilient, long-range terrestrial communications of up to 100km using multiple collaborative radios distributed over hundreds of meters
MCAS Army Futures Command 2021 Geolocation of RF emitters from small unmanned platforms
Scalable Wideband Autonomous RF Mapping MANET (SWARMM) – Phase III DARPA 9/8/20 Distributed RF Sensing and Mapping
SMAC DEVCOM Army Aviation & Missile Center May 2020 Protected waveform and other MANET enhancements
Protected Communications for Manned/Unmanned Teaming (MUM-T) US ARMY C5ISR Center 8/5/19 Protected communications for manned and unmanned teaming (MUM-T) operating in a congested and contested electromagnetic spectrum
Mobile Ad-Hoc Networking in Congested and Contested Environments (MAN-CC) NSC 10/15/18 MANET communications in congested and contested electromagnetic spectrum
Distributed Coherent Communications (DisCoComms) – Phase II DARPA/DOI 7/25/18 Distributed coherent communications between two disaggregated groups of RF communications nodes
100G Phase II+ ECP DARPA/Northrop Grumman 7/24/18 MIMO processing algorithms
MIMO-Enhanced Signal-Agnostic Telemetry Collection Buoys – Phase II Army/DARPA 7/3/18 Providing multiple-antenna (MIMO) technology to improve the next generation of low-cost telemetry (TM) collection
Scalable Wideband Autonomous RF Mapping MANET (SWARMM) – Phase II DARPA 5/9/18 Distributed RF mapping MANET with autonomous coverage control
High Throughput Mobile Artillery Network (HiTMAN) MARCOR 11/28/17 CSfC encryption and high throughput MANET for artillery
ANHCOR Navy 9/15/17 An anti-jam mesh network to achieve high-throughput beyond-line-of-sight ship-to-shore communications in contested environments.
A Wireless MIMO MANET Solution for Anywhere /Anytime Access to Shipboard Video Sources – Phase II Navy 9/7/17 Provide anytime/anywhere video distribution within Navy ships
FlexCSR JHU-APL/Thales 6/13/17 Modify the StreamCaster for FlexCSR
Joint Communication Architecture for Unmanned Systems (JCAUS) NSC 5/24/17 Engineering support to the JCAUS SDIT to help focus the JCAUS interface specification
Scalable Wideband Autonomous RF Mapping MANET (SWARMM) DARPA 12/15/16 Distributed sensing and control
Wireless Networking Using Multiple Antenna Interference Alignment Army 12/14/16 Improving network sum throughput via interference alignment
Coherent Communications for Distributed Mobile Nodes DARPA 11/23/16 Enabling MIMO from Distributed Nodes
MIMO-Enhanced Signal-Agnostic Telemetry Collection Buoys DARPA 11/9/16 Building low cost missle test telemetry receivers
Chaotic Scrambled Interference Alignment ONR 10/31/16 Working toward an LPI/LPD MANET
A MIMO Applique for Rifleman Radio NSC 9/29/16 A MIMO Applique for Rifleman Radio
FASST Soldier-Portable Spectrum Analyzers DARPA 9/1/16 Building an ASIC to provide rapid and high performance spectral scanning.
Intra Boat Ranging JHU APL 8/21/16 Improved radio ranging with MIMO signal processing
Distributed Radio Frequency Interference
Mitigation – Phase II
DARPA 8/18/16 Spatial interference mitigation via cooperation between
several airborne assets
A Wireless MIMO MANET Solution for Anywhere/Anytime Access to Shipboard Video Sources – Phase I Navy 8/11/16 Provide anytime/anywhere video distribution within Navy ships
Single Transceiver – DSA -Phase II ONR 7/30/16 DSA operation using a legacy single antenna radio without impacting radio throughput
Airborne Multi-antenna Robust Collaborative Network (AMRCN) AFRL 7/20/16 A highly spectrum-efficient mesh network solution for nextgeneration airborne backbones and gateways supporting ground and airborne units in combat.
100G: Phase II Army 1/8/16 Develop an omni-directional Orderwire control plane for the
Airborne Network
Single Transceiver – DSA -Phase I ONR 10/27/15 DSA operation using a legacy single antenna radio without impacting radio throughput
A Fully-Distributed PHY/MAC for High Capacity Mobile Ad Hoc Networks: Robust Interference Alignment (IA) Army 9/29/15 Improving network sum throughput via interference
SOF Multi-Function Air Force 7/30/15 Develop a single unit delivering a MANET of 100’s of nodes and over 20 legacy tactical waveforms as well as ISR receiver
Airborne Applique Air Force 7/29/15 An applique module for use with SISO radios to enable some enhanced MIMO capability
Distributed Spatial Interference Mitigation Enabled by Matrix Completion (DRIM) – Phase I DARPA 6/1/15 Spatial interference mitigation via cooperation between several airborne assets
Wireless Network Defense DARPA 5/26/15 Enhanced MIMO SDRs with customized APIs in support of ACS’s DARPA WND contract
Asymmetric leverage of favorable tropospheric propagation conditions for
long range A/LPI/LPD communications in A2AD surface maritime environments
DARPA 3/24/15 Simulation and experimental validation of high throughput data communications by exploiting troposcatter ducting over bodies of water
Innovative Methods for Increasing Data Link Capability USSOCOM 3/6/15 Creating a MIMO MANET mission module for AN/PRC-148 and AN/PRC-148B handheld tactical radios with cross banding of traffic
ScanEagle Spectrum Analyzer (SESA) AFRL 10/27/14 Effective isotropic antenna via distributed antennas on a Scan Eagle
100G: Modem Agnostic Wideband Spatio-Polarimetric Equalization Module DARPA 8/20/13 Develop the capability to simultaneously transmit up to 8 independent streams of data by using multiple dual polarized directional E-band antennas in a line of sight setting
Fixed Wireless Networking DARPA/BAE 8/1/13 Build PHY layer abstracted models of Silvus Fixed Wireless nodes for integration into the Fixed Wireless system level networking simulations being developed by BAE
A MIMO Enhanced SRW Solution Army 7/18/13 Develop simulation models for MIMO enhanced Soldier Radio Waveform (SRW) capable of suppressing interference and/or jamming
MIMO Capability for C2ISR Aircrafts Using Existing Antennas Air Force 7/17/13 Demonstrate a MIMO inter-plane communication link
A Multi-Pronged Approach to Maximizing Overall Network Spectral Efficiency DARPA 5/24/13 Develop a unified approach that combines MIMO, polarimetrics, MUD, DSA and Interference alignment to achieve 50x gain in network spectral efficiency
Custom UAV Datalink Enhancements NS Microwave 3/13/13 Make custom modifications to SC-3800 radios
ONR Akimeka ONR 7/9/12 Carry out demonstration of MIMO radios at Marine Corps Base – Hawaii
Fixed Wireless at a Distance DARPA 5/7/12 Enable pervasive high throughput communications to geographically dispersed ground forces by utilizing 100s of antennas fixed at the Tactical Operations Center or structures and platforms of opportunity
Low SWaP-C Directional Terminals Through Difference Coarray Processing Air Force 5/7/12 Develop a fully digital beamforming system for Common Data Link applications on SWaP constrained UAVs, capable of creating multiple simultaneous beams
A Novel Chip Scale Atomic Clock (CSAC) Handheld Radio with Exceptional
Range, LPD and Cost Metrics
Army 1/12/12 Develop a low cost, energy efficient, high LPD handheld radio that can close a link at 10 km
SC-Orderwire for the Airborne Network Air Force 11/3/11 Develop an omni-directional Orderwire control plane for the Airborne Network
DARPA CLASIC DARPA 9/16/11 Develop RF front end boards for analog FFT RFICs developed by Univ of Minnesota under the DARPA CLASIC program
Experimental Quantification of MIMO Benefits to a JTRS Like Signal SPAWAR / JTRS NED 9/23/10 Experimental study on applying MIMO to JTRS waveform
Universal Active Jammer Cleaner SPAWAR / JTRS NED 6/23/10 Develop a bolt-on prototype jammer cleaner, that enables communication radios to send and receive in the presence of strong co-site jammers
A Comprehensive MIMO Centric Solution for Improved Spectral Efficiency of Airborne Data Links AFRL 3/8/10 To demonstrate improved spectral efficiency of UAV networks with multi-antenna signal processing techniques that involve beamforming and beam nulling
MIMO Techniques for Broadband UAV Networking DARPA 3/5/10 Investigate the utility of MIMO for air to air transmission in support of broadband UAV networks. Carry out channel response measurements for MIMO air to ground links
MIMO NLOS Comm Links for Robotic
RTC NCMS 5/6/09 MIMO Enabled Comms Link for NLOS Robotic Tele-Operation with and without jamming. PM: NAVEODTECHDIV
A Highly Versatile, Low Cost, MIMO Capable 60 GHz Wide Band Local Radio (WBLR) ARMY 4/7/09 To develop a radio prototype capable of scaling from 100’s Mbps at close range to a few Mbps at several km. Investigate 60 GHz V, C-Band and UHF for potential Stryker vehicle application. Develop and field test a frequency agile radio
Versatile Radios for CBManet DARPA 10/22/07 Provide versatile MIMO radios for DARPA CBMANET program
Mobile Networked MIMO (MNM) DARPA 5/13/07 Demonstrate the capability of a Mobile MIMO radio under dynamic urban NLOS multipath channel conditions where conventional techniques are degraded. / Investigate the feasibility and possible network throughput improvement by enabling concurrent transmissions
WNAN – Wireless Network After Next DARPA 12/11/06 Design and simulate MIMO waveform for the unique radio architecture being developed by Honeywell under the DARPA WNAN program
Unifying Theory for Baseband Processing
in Data Communications Systems
DARPA 11/15/06 Optimal hardware/software partitioning for digital
communication algorithms
Throughput Optimization via Adaptive MIMO Communications AFOSR 8/1/05 MIMO for airborne applications
Adaptive/Cognitive Software Radio Architecture for 1Gbps+ Wireless Networking NSF 10/1/04 MIMO & Cognitive radio techniques to improve video
distribution in
Universal MIMO OFDM SDR for Mobile Autonomous Networks ONR 5/17/04 Versatile MIMO enabled software defined radio prototype for autonomous networks
Eigen Spreading ONR 5/17/04 Spatial Spreading combined with DSSS or FHSS for improved LPI / LPD / AJ
3-D Spread Spectrum for High Threat Environments DARPA 12/8/03 Validating MIMO capability in non-real-time hardware



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