Finally, broadcast wireless systems that can keep up with the action.

With roots in US military communications research, Silvus StreamCaster radios were developed to handle the most challenging military operations on Earth. Now this technology is landing in the civilian sphere. Silvus systems are capable of providing superior performance in situations where high-throughput wireless video and data transmission is a necessity, such as newsgathering, live sports and production shoots in remote or challenging locations. By relying on a proprietary self-healing, self-forming mesh technology in either licensed or unlicensed frequency bands, Silvus MN-MIMO radios are a single network solution for complex broadcasting situations.

  • For Television Broadcasting

    Link all of your field assets to the station via a secure private network that enables operation in remote areas where public cell phone isn’t available. Silvus StreamCaster radios excel in dense urban environments, including non-line-of-sight and from within buildings.

    Ideal for use across the entire range of television broadcasting

    • Electronic/Satellite newsgathering vehicles (ENG/SNG)
    • Sports & event coverage
    • Wireless camera systems
    • Private mesh video networks with IP streaming camcorders
    • MN-MIMO augmented bonded cellular packs
    • In-car/on-board sports coverage
    • Aircraft & UAVs

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  • Wireless Camera Systems

    Unleash your portable camera operations by mounting Silvus radios to your camera. Silvus StreamCaster 4200 radio is light enough to mount to equipment, creating broadcast wireless systems that provide complete freedom of movement for the camera operator. Coverage can be extended as needed using repeater radios, so your cameras can follow the action, no matter where it leads.

    For professional broadcast wireless systems

    • Low latency / broadcast quality program video
    • Bi-directional voice communications
    • Bi-directional data connectivity for zero latency camera control with full feedback to RCP
    • Option for return video back to camera and teleprompter connectivity
  • ENG/SNG Vehicles

    Now every newsgathering vehicle can become a powerful long-distance transmission and reception device. As well as transmitting their own high-throughput HD video, each vehicle in your fleet can simultaneously act as a relay, connecting a wireless camera or MN-MIMO-augmented bonded cellular pack to the station. Multiple Silvus-equipped MN-MIMO vehicles can simultaneously connect to the same fixed site on the same frequency, greatly simplifying logistics for broadcasts with multiple live-shots. Full remote control and monitoring is also supported from both the remote vehicle and the studio side of the Silvus MN-MIMO link. Finally, transitioning your teams to MN-MIMO is seamless. Vehicles can be equipped with hybrid-switchable Silvus MN-MIMO/COFDM systems to ensure backward compatibility with your existing COFDM RX sites.

    For news teams that can’t afford to slow down

    • Traditional ENG live shots with directional antenna and mast for long distance transmissions (up to 100 miles with line-of-sight)
    • Smaller SUV-based, rapid response “iNG” vehicles with medium and short distance shots within a city
  • Augmented Bonded Cellular Systems

    Move fast and far with MN-MIMO-enabled cellular backpacks. Create a robust and reliable wireless IP connection in areas where cellular networks are not available or reliable. Connect your entire team with multiple augmented backpacks operating on a single frequency/mesh. Extend coverage as needed through the use of repeater radios. Silvus MN-MIMO-equipped bonded cellular packs automatically transition between the MN-MIMO mesh network and any other cellular networks to provide seamless HD video connectivity in non-line-of-sight scenarios, adverse cellular network conditions, or when multiple parties are competing for limited cellular capacity.

    Powerful solutions for situations with limited cellular coverage

    • Press conferences
    • Concerts & large sporting events
    • Remote locations/disaster zones
    • Events involving high-profile personalities, protests or hostage situations where authorities have shut down cellular access
    • Transmission from a Silvus MN-MIMO pack to a vehicle in a different location, onward relay point, fixed sites or temporary locations with internet access
  • Aircraft & UAVs

    Elevate the data transmission capabilities of your aerial assets. ENG helicopters, airships and UAVs equipped with Silvus radios can transmit their own program video while simultaneously acting as a relay, providing connectivity back to the station for wireless camera systems and MN-MIMO augmented backpacks. Transmit video feeds simultaneously from multiple cameras on a single airship over the same frequency channel, eliminating the need for video switching in the aircraft. Return video, IFB and FTP are all supported over the same MN-MIMO RF network. Equip your entire aerial fleet with hybrid-switchable Silvus MN-MIMO/CODFM systems to ensure backward compatibility.

    For aerial ENG, sports and live event assets

    • Helicopters
    • Fixed wing aircraft
    • UAVs
  • Designed to advance the future of broadcasting.

    Silvus MN-MIMO radios bring military-grade technology to demanding live-action broadcast situations.

    • Non-line-of-sight coverage
    • Extendable coverage area through use of repeater units
    • HEVC encoding with support for resolutions up to 4K
    • Operational in both licensed (BAS/AFTRCC) and unlicensed frequency bands
    • Multiple cameras operational on the same frequency/mesh
    • Extremely low end-to-end latency
    • Compatible with any HD/SDI, 3G-SDI, 4K, or any IP streaming camera
    • Bi-directional wideband connectivity to support camera control/shading/painting, voice communications, telemetry data
    • Ability to control additional devices such as encoder data rates and miniature camera pan-tilt units

StreamCaster Broadcasting Solutions Brochure

StreamCaster radios are revolutionizing the way news is gathered. Check out the Broadcasting Solutions Brochure to learn more.

  • Accelerating the Speed of Transmission

    Silvus Technologies’ MN-MIMO waveform provides AMA Pro Racing fans with a one-of-a-kind live POV shot.


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