Time for an upgrade

Say hello to the 4000-series StreamCaster radios, representing the next generation in MN-MIMO technology.

StreamCaster 3500, 3822, and 3800 models will soon be obsoleted in favor of the new and more advanced StreamCaster 4200 and 4400.

The 4000-series radios are fully compatible with legacy 3000-series models, and offer a number of improvements, including:
  • lower cost than their 3000-series equivalents
  • up to 8x power output
  • Transmit Beamforming
  • improved power efficiency
  • higher achievable data rates
  • faster CPU
  • smaller size/weight
  • enhanced features such as push-to-talk (PTT) voice, detatchable battery, and multiple USB ports
  • additional frequency band support
For most customers, the transition from 3000-series to 4000-series will be an easy and obvious decision. But for any customers who are already committed to using the 3000-series radios, we will be announcing a last time buy opportunity before the obsolescence date.

If you have questions about obsolescence of 3000-series and transition to 4000-series, you are encouraged to email info@silvustechnologies.com or contact your Silvus sales representative.