Silvus Products Offer the Ultimate in Wireless Broadcast Technology

MN-MIMO links all your field assets to the station via a secure private network infrastructure

As workflows transition to an all-IP format, use Silvus Technologies MN-MIMO to link all of your field assets via a secure, private network infrastructure on a dedicated licensed channel frequency or in a license-free frequency band. 

Silvus solutions are uniquely suited to address the key requirements of broadcasters performing Electronic Newsgathering (ENG) operations and for sports and event coverage, as well as for use on film shoots with remote cameras.

Features / Benefits:

  • Operation in remote areas without reliance on public cell phone or WiFi infrastructure
  • Transmission in dense urban environments, including Non-Line-of-Sight links and from within buildings to vehicles parked outside on the street
  • Support for a wide variety of frequency bands including licensed (BAS) and unlicensed channels
  • Increased data rates (up to 100+MBps) to support multiple HD video transmissions within the same mesh network, all on a single channel frequency
  • Low end-to-end latency (as low as 60mS glass-to-glass including H.264 HD encoding and decoding).
  • Improved spectral efficiency (more MBps for a given RF channel frequency bandwidth) and simplified frequency coordination (single RF channel can be shared by multiple field assets and fixed sites)
  • Bi-directional capability to facilitate end-to-end IP workflow for program video, return video, intercom, LAN extension, File-Transfer and any other IP based application


Download "StreamCaster 4200 Broadcast" Data Sheet [PDF]

Download "Super Bowl City 2016" Case Study [PDF]

Download "MN-MIMO for Broadcast" Summary [PDF]

Download "JVC's Private Video MESH" White Paper [PDF]




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