Superior Communications for Challenging Mining Industry Environments

Keep communications clear in-building, HQ and underground with Silvus' self-forming, self-healing, ad hoc mesh network

Because of an abundance of obstructions and signal reflections, underground mines are some of the most challenging environments for wireless communications.  Current systems fielded within the industry require a large amount of nodes to form a network. This is due to the fact that the underlying technology is built on WiFi (802.11 a/b/g/n), which was not designed for these conditions.

Thanks to revolutionary MN-MIMO technology, Silvus TechnologiesStreamCaster™ radios have been validated to reduce the amount of nodes needed to cover a given area by a factor of 3 to 1 and as high as 7 to 1, all while improving mobility, throughput, and reliability. StreamCaster™ radios join to create a self-forming, self-healing, ad hoc mesh network, and data is automatically and intelligently routed across the mesh with no user intervention required.

Features / Benefits:

  • Single transceiver for all video and data needs
  • Enhanced range and performance in challenging mining environments
  • IP Based
  • Low latency
  • Mobile Ad Hoc Mesh Network (up to 20 nodes; expandable to 100's)
  • Relay capability
  • Data rates up to 100+Mbps
  • Dual Band
  • Superb spectral efficiency
  • 256-bit AES encryption


  • Video surveillance
  • Command and control of robotic machinery
  • Telemetry; health and status monitoring
  • Remote network connectivity

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