Unmatched Communications Solutions for Maritime Environments

ncrease range, throughput, and reliability with (COFDM) modulation and Multi-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO)

RF channel conditions onboard sea vessels are very problematic for traditional radio systems. Metal bulkheads block direct line of sight paths and create extremely high levels of multipath fading from strong reflections. The MIMO processing of Silvus Technologies' radios not only is immune to the problems of multipath signal reflections, it takes advantage of the reflections in order to improve data rates and reliability.

The amount of relay nodes on a vessel can be reduced by 1/3 when compared to existing network solutions, greatly reducing cost and logistics problems.

VBSS teams boarding ships need a radio that is capable of communicating in the high multipath environment of a metal ship. Silvus radios offer a unique solution since it is by design a networked radio. A VBSS team that is split apart can cover an entire vessel and the high throughput rate can transmit dozens of megabytes of information back to the host ship.

Wireless ship to shore communications with high data rates is another area that will benefit from Silvus' MIMO radio processing technology.


  • Interference Suppression up to 20 dB
  • Link Adaptation
  • User Defined Bandwidth (5, 20 MHz)
  • Network / Relay
  • Signal Strength notification based on SNR
  • Ethernet connection
  • Support for simultaneous VoIP, video and data
  • High data rates
  • AES 128/256 Encryption and ease of integration with Type 1


  • EMIO
  • VBSS
  • below deck networking
  • ship to shore comms

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