Silvus Technologies... Breakthrough Provider of Multi-Antenna MIMO Technology for Wireless Communications in Harsh Conditions

StreamCaster is the world's first tactical MIMO radio optimized for long-range, mobile, and non-line-of-sight applications

Silvus leads the Mobile Networked MIMO (MN-MIMO) waveform revolution with a product specifically designed to address the growing demand for distributing video and other high bandwidth data in demanding tactical environments. StreamCaster radios, featuring MN-MIMO at the core, join together to form a self-healing, self-forming fluid mesh network. From underground tunnels to Unmanned Surface Vehicles, to Airborne ISR, and everywhere in-between, StreamCaster provides high bandwidth, reliable wireless video and data communications where traditional radios fail. Silvus Technologies, bringing you the world's first wireless MIMO radio optimized for demanding tactical applications.