MN-MIMO Enabled Cellular Backpacks

Enhancing cellular bonding solutions with private networking capabilities

Silvus Technologies MN-MIMO capability can be integrated into traditional bonded cellular packs to provide a highly reliable wireless IP connection for the pack in locations and situations where the cellular networks cannot be relied upon.
Silvus MN-MIMO equipped bonded cellular packs can automatically use both the bandwidth available over the MN-MIMO mesh and any available cellular networks, transitioning over to solely using the Silvus MN-MIMO link as cellular connectivity drops out.
Features / Benefits:
  • Eliminates risk of video drop-out due to adverse cellular network conditions
  • Non-Line-of-Sight coverage
  • Coverage area can be extended as needed by use of repeater radios
  • Operation in both licensed (BAS) and unlicensed frequency bands
  • Multiple augmented backpacks operational on the same frequency / mesh
  • Press conferences and other events likely to draw multiple newsgathering entities with bonded cellular packs all competing for limited cellular capacity
  • Concerts and large sporting events where the cellular networks become overwhelmed by large crowds sending video on their smartphones
  • Remote locations / disaster zones where little or no cellular coverage is available
  • Events involving high-profile personalities, protests or hostage situations where Government authorities may shut down access to the cellular networks
  • Transmission from a Silvus MN-MIMO equipped pack to a vehicle in a different location for onward relay via MN-MIMO mesh, satellite or bonded cellular systems
  • Transmission from a Silvus MN-MIMO equipped pack direct to a traditional fixed site such a tall downtown building or tower located at the news studio
  • Transmission from a Silvus MN-MIMO equipped pack to a temporary location with internet access such as a coffee shop or hotel balcony
  • Transmission from a Silvus MN-MIMO equipped pack to a series a mesh radios temporarily set up to cover a defined area for event coverage such as parades or protests, sporting events, conventions and other local news events