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Silvus' MN-MIMO technology is designed, engineered, tested and proven to perform in a wide range of environments

Silvus Technologies StreamCaster™ radios have been deployed for a variety of challenging applications around the world. A collection of videos and applicion notes from some of those tests can be found below.

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Mesh Network / MANET:

  • 19 Node Network with 50+Mbps of Traffic at SOFIC 2017 [PDF]
  • Citywide Mesh at NATIA 2014 Demonstration in Downtown San Diego [YouTube]
  • Video/Data for Heavy Artillery at US ARMY Live Fire Training Ranges [YouTube via Lockheed Martin]
  • Long Range Video Surveillance Within High Traffic Urban Environment Using the SC3500 Mesh Network [PDF]
  • Silvus vs. WiFi in Urban Los Angeles [PDF]
  • Multi Domain Mesh at SOCOM TNT (Underground, Surface, Airborne) [PDF]
  • Tactical Mesh Networking in Wooded Terrain at SOCOM TNT [PDF]
  • Mobile Video Mesh Network at Camp Roberts, CA [PDF]
  • Event Security at the Honda Center [PDF]
  • Mesh Network Supporting Both UAVs and UGVs at AUVSI 2013 [PDF]
  • Amber Technology Demonstrates Silvus Mesh Network in Canberra, Australia [PDF]

TV Broadcast, Sports, and Entertainment:

  • Wireless Cameras for at Super Bowl City 2016 [PDF]
  • Wireless Onboard Cameras for Headlight Brigade 13 Hour Enduro Race [PDF] [YouTube]
  • Wireless Onboard Cameras for AMA Superbike Championship Race [YouTube]
  • Wireless Onboard Camera and Fixed Camera at Clearwater Superboat [LiveStream - see race #3 at 52:45]


  • SkyIMD Uses StreamCaster™ Radios for Aerial Firefigting [PDF] [YouTube] [YouTube]
  • Silvus and partners demonstrate a 158km HD video link using SC4200 [YouTube]
  • Troll Systems Wireless Video/Data Downlink for News Helicopters [PDF]
  • Long Range High Bandwidth Data Link for Commercial Aircraft [PDF]

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs):

  • Long Range Communications for SkyX UAVs Supporting the Oil/Gas Industry [YouTube-1] [YouTube-2] [YouTube-3]
  • High Eye Rotary Wing VTOL integrates SC4200 for video and C2 [YouTube]
  • Sikorsky's unmanned UH-60 utilizing StreamCaster™ radios for wireless command/control, telemetry, and video [YouTube]

Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs):

  • MILREM THeMIS multi-mission UGV using SC4200 during Kevadtorm (Spring Storm) 2017 [YouTube-1] [YouTube-2]
  • Proytecsa aunav.NEXT robot uses Silvus MIMO radios for Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD) [YouTube]
  • Wireless Video/C2 for QinetiQ North America IP Enabled TALON Robots [YouTube] [PDF]
  • Wireless 3D Video and C2 for Taurus EOD Robot [PDF]
  • Repeater Capability on TALON & FasTac at US ARMY AEWE [PDF]
  • Johns Hopkins University Bimanual Dexterous Robotic Platform (BDRP)

Unmanned Surface Vehicles (UGVs):

  • Silvus StreamCaster Radios Provide Wireless Connectivity for Unmanned Boat Swarm Operations [YouTube]


  • Silvus Demonstrates Frequency Reuse in Underground Mine [PDF]

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